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      About 51CTO


      Established by senior Internet professionals in 2005, 51CTO is a multiple-dimension platform that focuses on IT tech innovation and development. Afterwards, 51CTO has been a one-stop tech supplying and other requirements , with a aim of “focusing on IT tech field, building the largest multiple-dimension IT tech service ", which serves to help IT practitioners for knowledge spreading, experience sharing, technical communicating, career developing, product promoting and other purposes.

      With over 10 million professional members, 51CTO covers most the IT practitioners from all major cities in China. After years of development, 51CTO has built its own modern management system with great governance structure, which now owns a vibrant team with aspiring members and its core corporate culture advocates “persistence, tolerance, unity, target and value”, meanwhile has won extensive recognitions via its own excellent products and services. 51CTO has also been awarded as Zhongguancun Science Park National High-tech Enterprise, Beijing Major Supported Cultural Creative Enterprise, Communist Youth League Central Committee Youth Employment/Startup Practice Base, Haidian District Creative Enterprise, Zhongguancun Haidian Park “Gazelle” Enterprise, “2012-2013 Zhongguancun Grand Enterprise with Double-hundreds Credit Ratings”, CCTV/CNTV Exclusive National IT Open Courses Partner and other awards, along with multiple rewards from innovation funds of Beijing and Haidian district.

      Our Websites


      51CTO has following agencies:

      Leading IT tech and service platform in China: 51CTO.com

      Industry informatization platform: CIOAge.com

      Leading Chinese storage web platform: WatchStor.com

      First medical informatization platform in China: Hc3i.cn

      Professional IT career education and practical training platform: edu.51cto.com

      WOT high-end summit platform: wot.51cto.com

      Mobile developers service alliance: mdsa.51cto.com

      Medium-level and pre-eminent experts recruitment platform: gaozhao.51cto.com

      Part of the Partners


      Contact Us


      Beijing 51CTO Information Technology Ltd

      Address: 6-7th floor ECO Zhongke Aike, A-No.1, Zhongguancun South 1st Alley, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.C.(100190)

      Tel: (8610) 68476636/6606/9356/9336

      Fax: (8610) 68476606-8818


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